Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lack of Research

In the comments of one of the previous posts, I found a great example of how much effort liberals put into their research. This is what anonymous said:

"Still fighting for the *cough* capitalistic *cough* way? Generally if one wishes to be taken seriously one should try to avoid spelling and grammar errors. Especially when you are trying to sound intelligent. It is so typically Republican to ignore mistakes and deny that they were ever committed, denouncing reason and refusing to listen to anything that does not coincide with the beliefs that you've already established."

And this was, I assume, the same person, but this was his first comment on this:

"Whatever your beliefs, however erroneous, I would hope that you're fighting for truth, justice and the *cough* capitalist *cough* way. Heh heh heh. Nothing destroys your credibility like mis-spellings. Go illiteracy! Encouraged by yours truly GW, and the No Child Left Behind legislation."

Usually, when you attack someone for something they said, you might want have your facts straight. This was my response to his second comment:

"Do you really have so little to say that you attack a single word? And guess what, capitalistic IS A WORD! Just go here to find out:

But in case you are to lazy to type that in, here is the definition:

cap·i·tal·is·tic adj.
1. Of or relating to capitalism or capitalists.

2. Favoring or practicing capitalism: a capitalistic country.

Are you also too scared to leave an identity? I'm guessing that it was you who commented on this once before as anonymous, but I thought it wasn't deserving of a reply, so I didn't give one. This time I gave a reply and made you look like the idiot you are.

The amount effort you put into your researching reminds me of how much effort, or lack thereof, liberals put into their research."

This kind of thing happens to me all the time when debating the, in some cases loony, liberals at my school. I'm talking to them and I have them cornered. To wiggle out of the situation, they just make up some fact or circumstance. Out of the trust I have for them, trust that I have no reason to have, I accept what they say. Big mistake! Those days I go home and do some research on the topic of debate. Normally I can't find any statement remotely close to what they said. When I do find something close to what they said, the fact is spun to meet their agenda.

But in this case, I have a blog. You can't just say false statements and expect them to stand. I can fact check you in front of anyone who cares. When you are in any type of
media, you have to watch what you say, but liberals never seem to learn.

Fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way


At 4:58 PM, April 17, 2005, Blogger antimedia said...

Generally, if one wishes to be taken seriously, one addresses the substance of an argument rather the boorishly criticizing the spelling errors (or, as in this case, supposed errors) of their opponent.

At 11:13 AM, June 01, 2005, Anonymous deevo said...

I'm terribly sorry, my young misguided fascist, but "capitalistic way" is simply gramatically incorrect. It should be "capitalist way". But then again, expecting a damn ignorant yank to know how to speak and write English is probably asking too much. You poor Americans haven't even mastered spelling, let alone grammar.


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