Monday, December 11, 2006

Hannity Speaks with the Troops

If you didn't catch Hannity and Colmes tonight, you should definatly take a look at this Hannity and Colmes Segment.In an inpromptu conversation with a group of the troops, us viewers are allowed to hear directly from the troops about what actually happening over there in Iraq. Here are some of the points the soldiers touched on:

-The wishy washy intellecuals claiming that they support the troops,but in reality they do not, are just undermining the efforts of the troops.
-The only place we are losing this war is here in the U.S.
-The people serving are NOT dupped into joining the military.
-This war is not about getting out as fast as possible, it's about finishing the job.
-We ARE making progress despite what the liberals want you to think.
-The Iraqi trainees are already helping out and starting to be self-sufficient.
-The Sunnis and Shia are working together to create security.
-We shouldn't look for instant gratification in this venture, we won't know that we've won for many more years.
-If we keep to it, we WILL win.

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