Monday, February 21, 2005

Nuclear War Averted

This is to impart show Bush's foreign policy is a good idea, and why it was impossible and unneccessary to invade North Korea. The entirety of the impasse is the US unwilling to do 1 on 1 talks with North Korea because we did not want to be bullied around by their nuclear weapons. We wanted to show the world that they would not gain anything by building up nuclear weapon arsenals and threatening the United States.

In part, we stood strong to our principles and it looks like the issue is going to be resolved by using diplomacy from 6 involved countries.

Also, this is another reason we must push for the success of Democracy. A couple of years ago we did not think of North Korea as a threat to Japan or the United States. But, we forget, there is a dictator there, who suddenly did not allow inspectors in (does that sound like anyone we know?). Naturally I'm not advocating an invasion of all countries lead by a dictator, but this is one example of how it can go to far unless the people are in control.

I know it sounds odd and cheesy to tie this to Iraq, but I believe these two are close examples. Both examples of dictators who are not threats but have the definite potential to kill millions, just because Saddam did not have any nuclear weapons doesn't mean that he might not have created them. Iran is another example of how dictators are attempting to obtain nuclear weapons with the potential to kill millions of innocent people.

Add this to the list growing longer and longer of things that Bush has done right.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Friday, February 18, 2005

How Many Of These Stories Are There?

I think it really is time to look at our school system and ask "is this right?" It's so liberal, so anti-conservative. And here's another one of those stories.

A girl, Raven Furbert, was banned from wearing pro-militay, red white and blue, jewelry to school. Apparently, wearing red, white and blue to show your love for your country, is gang related, or at least the school claimed it was gang related. Bogus?!

These things need to be noticed, followed up on. Our school system is embarrassing in the way it suppresses free speech; it needs to be fixed. You'd think that liberals would jump at the chance to make free speech a legal thing, but in this case, because its conservatives that are being persecuted, liberals will just let it slide. Don't democrats claim that Republicans are the fascists?

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The Reason

This may be one of the reasons that liberalism is falling behind; never facts, just insults.
[hat tip:LGF]

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Three Requests, Three Lawyers

It's been over a month since Les Moonves asked for the resignation of three of CBS's jounalists following the Rathergate scandal. Still, no one has resigned. In fact, all three have hired lawyers instead. One of the jounalists, Josh Howard, claims he just wants his name cleared before he resigns. It seemes like a bluff to me, and those over at Wizbang think so too. The three have been offered settlements, but all refused them.

How come they still haven't done anything to Rather? That is the question that keeps running through my mind, and sadly, it may never be answered accurately.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is Going to Kill Us

Things like this could lead to the end of civilization.

Now it is illegal for parents to use "disciplinary smacks" in any form, including physical and emotional in the Netherlands. I'm certainly not for child abuse, but if they want their country filled with self-centered jerks with a need for instant gratification, than they are on the right track.

There are exceptions to every rule, but if you can't discipline children physically, or even emotionally, how are you supposed to hold them responsible or keep them in line? I say this as a teenager growing up around all types of kids; the most irresposible, thoughtless and selfish kids are the ones whose parents never discipline them. This is on average, like I said at the beginning of this paragraph, there are exceptions, but I know I wouldn't be a very good person if my parents didn't discipline me.

I hope this never happens in America. I, for one, don't want a country filled with self-centered jerks. [hat tip: Jack Lewis]

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Flag Disrespect

Flag desecration, or flag burning, as protest, seemes to be one of the least intelligent forms of protest ever created.

The American Flag represents everything America stands for and America itself. It is the symbol of America, and when you burn it, it should be considered to be one in the same as burning America. If you live in the U.S., the chance that you've achieved what have because you are a resident of America is very high. Desecrating the flag is like desecrating everything you own.

If one feels as if they are permitted to desecrate the flag, they should also feel that they have no other choice but to leave this country. That is exactly what I propose they do, leave.

Freedom of Speech, or Freedom of Expression, is not an absolute right; blowing up a building in the name of Allah is not protected under the First Amendment. If the government wants to regulate what expression is permisable, it is perfectly reasonable.

Additionally, the government derives its "just powers from the consent of the governed." Therefore, the decision regarding the legality of flag burning should be in the hands of the people and their elected representatives, not appointed judges.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

My Opinion on Gay Marriage

People are now slandering the bible and saying that it never says that marriage is only a man and a woman. Even if you want gay marriage, you can't argue with the fact that the Bible says only a man plus a woman equals marriage. Some liberals are offering money to those who can point out a place in the Bible where it says exclusively marriage can not be between people of the same sex. The offices of public figures that offered money for this were flooded with phone calls, e-mails, and some people even visited in person. Of course these people were all pointing out where the bible said no gay marriage, and although there are many, I think the clearest is:

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." [Leviticus 20:13]"

Putting aside the fact that the Bible says that gay marriage is unholy, the main reason people oppose gay marriage is because of the Family and the children. The family is one of the most important structures in any society. In Scandinavian countries, where gay unions are legal, family life has disintegrated. Here is a great site full of the reasons why gay unions are not good for society. Check out the website, it's very in-depth.

Maybe I'll do my own post on why gay marriage is not good for society from the perspective of a teenager.

I would also like to add that no sane person thinks that gays are less human than straight people. Republicans are not "anti-gay" (as in thinking people that are gay are less human), but when you google "anti-gay," there is always republican in the same sentance as anti-gay, and that is not right.

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Thank You Ward Chruchill

I think it is time that we thank Ward Churchill.

Because of the current Ward Churchill controversy, the professors and Universities have been exposed.

Exposed is their left leaning tendencies and their oppression of all that is conservative. Ward Churchill has even drawn the eye of the MSM, and when the left is in the wrong, that is a significant feat.

The oppressive disposition toward conservatives at universities is finally being recognized. At Colorado University, the students in one class were assigned to compose an essay defending the statement: George Bush is a war criminal. One student failed the assignment because she wrote instead that Saddam Hussein is a war criminal. A multitude of stories like this one are coming out after the Ward Churchill case.

Republicans and other groups for free thought, like Students for Academic Freedom, are pushing the Academic Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights does not lean right, but it does try to take away the left's monopoly of Universities and diversify the opinions on campus.

As a high school student, I think the Academic Bill of Rights would be a great thing. I am continually smothered with liberal propaganda without a chance to insert my opinion or prove it wrong. I can't even imagine what it would be like in a college. Anyone who reads the Academic Bill of Rights will be able to see that it is not a Republican document, but a document that more easially allows free speech on campuses.

To conclude, I would just like to thank Ward Churchill for helping bring out the issue of political oppression on campuses. What Churchill has done for us, the oppressed, may be the best thing for our cause.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

A Necessary Risk

"Without risk there can be no reward."

In no place is this adage more true than in the current debate over Social Security reform. Much of the spin coming from the Democratic camp relates President Bush's "guaranteed gamble" with the national retirement trust fund. Barbara Boxer claims that "even if we did nothing, it would still have enough money in there to pay everyone 70 to 80 percent of benefits."

If this were to happen, it would be a disaster for our country. As the program now stands, seniors by no means receive bountiful amounts of cash in their monthly check, with an average of $18,888 paid to a retired couple, according to the Social Security Administration. Can the average, married senior live on only three-quarters of that sum?

The short and troubling answer is no. Action must be taken. Our nation cannot afford to resolve this desparately important issue at the sloth-like pace the Democrats are proposing. If our more liberal-leaning Representatives and Senators continue to spew propaganda through their colleagues in the mainstream media, Social Security will be bankrupt by 2042.

This is why privatization of Social Security is a neccessary process for our Legislative branch. There have been no other plans heretofor put forth with any measure of solvency regarding the reformation of FDR's 'temporary' program. As a young person, I want to retire in a country where I can be assured of receivng an income large enough to live on, and not see my hard-earned wages go towards a dying program. My fellow Americans, this is why we must fight with all our strength for the reform of Social Security.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Cries for Gay Marriage: Part 1

I have something of a confession to make which my conservative friends berate me for whenever I bring it up and tell them my view, gay marriage. I am completely undecided on this issue, and if I listen to someone talk about it from either side my mind switches until the other side tells me their story and they I switch back. So, I'm going to give you reasons for and against it for both sides and then continue after I've sorted my mind out a little.

Pro Gay Marriage:
Sexual Freedom (or other kinds)
Discrimination (I don't buy this one, mostly fits above)
Fairness for whom you choose to be partenered with
Marriage is to be together forever and gay couples can do that and raise adoopted kids.

Against Gay Marriage:
1 Destroys sense of family
2 Raises kids in a worse home with only 1 gender of a parent
3 Marriage is intended to encourage family and while gay couples can adopt, they cannot have children of their own and thus expand the population (not really an issue anymore, but goes to why families are encouraged in the first place)
4 Destroys sanctity of marriage (of course, with 50% divorce rate it's mostly destroyed already)
5 Encourages homosexuality (it's best to be neutral about it, although.... it doesn't really encourage it at all, so this arguments pretty bad as well)
6 Leads to other marriages, most likely things such as brother sister (this is the strongest one I can think of next to what marriage is intended to be which is point 3 because inbreeding is very similar to homosexuality (can't have kids (can but they will be inbred nuts), against most social norms, etc.).

These are the best arguments I can think of. The fact is I don't believe that gay marriage is nearly as split as I am in America. It's true that there's a strong voice against it, but the common people seem to hate it. Tell me the reasons gay marriage is bad, because I believe that freedom in this country is good, and when in doubt go against regulation.

Then again, those of you who are for gay marriage need to tell me why it is imperative. How are the rights of gays being oppressed by not being able to say they're married to eachother? Why does it matter? Are the economic benefits that important that you cannot be married in your own minds? Is is recognition that homosexuality is ok?

I do, however, have an opinion on homosexuality. While it is unChristian, so is sex for any reason other than procreation, thus homosexuality is no different than premarital sex or sex with birth control. Homosexuality is unnatural, however. Ideally it would not exist. But, if people wish to be with others of the same sex, that is their choice and I should have no say as to whether it should be allowed or not. But, just because homosexuality is allowed to occur (which it obviously is) does not necessarily translate into marriage.

Marriage was/is intended for people to have a family. Period. There is no more. Because a gay couple may not have kids, they cannot have a family. There is a counterpoint to this, though, in that impotent men are still allowed to get married, so that points kind of mixed. There are so many arguments answering eachother back and contradictions being made in my mind, even as I write this post, I don't know what to do.

So, tell me what you think, you have your chance to give me excellent points and change my mind forever on the subject, after I've thought about it more I'll tell people what I think in Part 2 on this subject.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Too Funny

It's just way too funny that on top of the Clinton library there is an "Executive Suite" that Slick Willie plans on spending an average of one week every month at. He says he will have "old friends" there and I'm guessing that Hilary will be hundreds of miles away. He will just be ripped apart by the pundits and comedians on this one.

On a side note, apparently the library isn't getting as many visitors as predicted; it doesn't really surprise me.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Is Bush Reigning in Spending?

According to one dude, Bush is starting to reign in spending. His argument is that the president is setting priorities. It's a new argument that is refreshing and positive.

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Sick of all the anti-Americanism going around these days? Well, then check this out. Finally someone that will point out the hypocracy of other countries.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Masterpiece Too P.C.

Today my sister came home from school saying that it is now considered too politically incorrect to say masterpiece (refering to art). Apperently a PC man came into her school and was talking to them about it saying masterpiece does not include mistress. Ridiculous!

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Conservative Radio

I just found the coolest site in the world. It's RightTalk. It's a website that allows you to listen to any of four of their 35, one hour, shows. Check it out, it's pretty sweet.

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Ronald Reagan's Birthday

Today is Ronald Reagan's birthday. I have decided to put up a quote of his every day until the anniversary of his death.

Here is today's:

"In our nation today, government has grown too big, too complex- and possessed of what Cicero called the 'arrogance of officialdom.' Remote From the wishes of the people, it forget that ours is a system of government by the consent of the governed- not the other way around."

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Update: Hopefully soon we will get up a tribute post for The Gipper.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Vacation for Your Butt

This isn't about politics, but it is hilarious!

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Hmmm. That Doesn't Sound Bad

Yeah right. Now in one county of california, you can go into the opposite gender's bathroom if you claim to feel like that gender on a particular day! For example if a man was to say that he was feeling like a woman today, he could use the women's restroom.

Isn't that taking the political correctness way too far even for those homosexual/transgender activists. Now doesn't that sound stupid if not dangerous. What has the world come to with it's political correctness. I don't know. Help is needed.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Proud to be a U.N.American

Have you ever had a good idea? Of course you have. Now, did that good idea tranlate you into doing something right, or did you attempt at achieving your goal and failed.

This is mostly a story about a little organization that was started by the United States early on and has failed to reach many of it's goals. This organization is the UN, and the idea is world peace and harmony.

I'm totally for world peace, and even a world organization, unfortunately, however the UN needs a little Redux before we get to that point.

Currently the UN has no force, has no power, and 5 EXTREMELY different nations with backwards goals have the power to stop the UN from doing anything. Let's assume, for a moment, that the UN has the capacity to Peacekeep and aid around the world. The UN, currently lacks the ability to do anything except for put troops to moderate conflict and to give aid to countries. To me, this seems rather limiting. They can either send Peacekeepers (much like private nations already could) and distribute money (much like nations already could), to me, it sounds redundant.

The UN has never stopped a major conflict from occurring. Korea still happened and was only organized by the UN because the Russian's walked out from the meeting and didn't have a chance to veto. The UN was against the Iraq II war but the US went in anyway. They didn't send troops in time for Rwanda, either. The simple fact remains, that the UN will not have power as long as the 5 seperate nations have veto power, and as long as the UN has no real central force guiding it other than politics between hundreds of bickering nations.

Like the League of Nations, the UN will be unable and is unable to enforce any of it's laws because of the politics involved (America gives the most to the UN) and a lack of any standing force that could be used without politics being involved on who is going to send what troops where. Currently, all the UN can do is get people to New York in order to discuss treaties and to tell the world what the major powers think everyone should do.

Good ideas like world organizations can lead to failures, but like the League of Nations, hopefully we can wait and learn from the failure of the UN in order to create a better international system with the ability to prevent major conflicts and actually stop continental wars (like Rwanda) from occurring. Or, perhaps that idea is flawed and a world organization would never occur. This, like many questions of my life, will remain unanswered. However, I do think one would be needed, at the very least to fulfill the capacity of the UN but in a more limited fashion, or at least one with the power to fulfill it's promises and enforce it's treaties.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

The Story of One Blown Up Terrorist

This is an interrogation of a terrorist that was blown up by his "fellow" terrorists and survived.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union Address

Another strong speech from President George W. Bush. I'm not going to say a whole lot about the address other than I thought it was strong. You can find much on the State of the Union on other blogs. Powerline has a GREAT "live" blog on the address.

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Democratic Response to State of the Union

Do you notice how democrats always start their speeches? "I was born and raised in (fill in the blank) and it was very unique growing up the way I did; let's throw a pity party for me. All of this makes me qualified to tell you what to do."

In his rebuttle, the senate minority leader, Harry Reid, basically said democrats believe this and that, republicans don't, so they are dumb and bringing America to its knees. He also made a few "jokes", but the only problem was: it wasn't funny. There is nothing worse than humor that isn't funny. I laugh at almost every joke, so if I didn't chuckle, you know you're in trouble.

Wow! Nancy Pelosi has had way too much Botox; her face doesn't move at all! It was the first time I have seen her on TV, and it was scary.

All in all, the democrats response to the State of the Union adress seemed to me vague and desperate. Very desperate.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Of 2 Party Systems and The Glory of Iraq

I know you all thought I was dead, but I'm not. In reality, I had to study for finals last week and was sick over the weekend, albeit with only a severe cold, and did not feel up to posting. However, an important event has occurred that I would like to comment on.

The Iraqis had a larger voter turnout than America! This proves that the majority of them want democracy, they don't want a tyrant running their country, THEY want to control the country and they will with our help.

After this tremendous success, the only way I believe one can argue against the war in Iraq is saying, "Bringing them a successful Democracy and saving hundreds of thousands of lives from death and oppression was not worth 400 billion dollars (in the end) and a thousand American deaths."
Granted a succcessful vote does not mean a successful democracy, but it certainly looks like it's going to be on the way.

I would now like to cover my feelings on the two party system that is present in America. Republican and Democrat.

I, for one, hate the way our country treats politics. When I was arguing with Zachary on an earlier post, he was trying to make arguments that Liberals have done better things in the past than Republicans. Do you think I care what some Republicans are advocating for and what they do? No. The only way any of these arguments make sense is if you're talking about a candidate I support. Furthermore, I've already stated I don't like Bush as much as I would a different candidate (not John Kerry by a long shot), so what use is it to make fun of some of his dumber policies.

The major problem I have with this Political System in the United States is for that reason. People saying stuff like "I hate Republicans" or "Democrats are always bickering" or whatever are simply stupid. I wish people never labeled themselves as Democratic or Republican, and instead just stated where they stand on issues. This already occurs with lots of Republicans voting Democratic and vice versa, but it almost never occurs when debating issues or when attempting to get bills passed. I do believe, though, that if we stop thinking of everything as Republicans ideas vs. Democratic ideas we will get farther in our goal of creating a more perfect society for the entire world to live in.

This is merely a change of thought that will alter how people think about subjects and compare people of the past. It's the feuding between the two parties that often makes accomplishing things very difficult, and that could occur less often if people don't think or speak in party terms and instead in ideological terms.

Coming from a pro-life, laissez faire, anti-big government, undecided gay marriage, person:

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

How Come...

I just came across this realization: how come everybody outside of Iraq is surprised by the voter turnout and enthusiasm, but everybody on the ground in Iraq say, "Ohh yeah, I wasn't surprised but the voter turnout, the Iraqis are full of excitement and happy about the possibility of voting."

Maybe the media is even more biased than I previously thought. We hear of such negative things, but never the positive. I never thought is was going as bad as the "mainstream" media said, and this just confirms my belief.

Just a thought.

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Howard Dean is Looking Good For Chair

For the Democratic Chair, Dean looks like he is doing better and better. Martin Frost just dropped out of the race. Don't count on the win from Dean, though, Dean was also looking pretty darn good to win the presidential nominee before Iowa.

I would love it if he won. Just like Dick Morris says, the farther left the democratic party moves, the less it gets elected (In case you were wondering, Dick Morris was the strategy behind Bill Clinton; moving toward the center for elections certainly worked well for Bill). I hope the democratic party moves farther to the left, because the country is moving farther to the right. Less competition, maybe more room for those nonexistant third parties.

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Communist News Network?

CNN was covering up Saddam's atrocities? Never!
[Hat tip: LGF]

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