Monday, January 31, 2005

A Bad Day For Liberals

With the huge success of the Iraqi elections, do you think that any of the democratic leadership is happy? I wouldn't bet on it. The huge voter turnout from every group in Iraq shows that George Bush's plan was a success. The exit strategy is success; the left has continuously been saying that we need a plan, but it is kind of hard to have a plan when fighting terrorists. They are unpredictable, we have to adapt and keep pushing along, which is exactly what we have done.

This is precisely the reason we are winning this war. This is the reason Baghdad's Mayor, Ali Fadel, said yesterday, "We will build a statue for Bush. He is the symbol of freedom." This is the reason the Iraqis are so happy, they have had huge parties, some still going, about the election, and they don't even know if the person they voted for won, they are partying because of the opportunity to vote.

Everything the President and our troops have been working for is finally coming true. The day that the Iraq Government can say, "Thanks, but we can handle it from here," is the day that we pull our troops out.

If we had an exit strategy and left before we things were stable, do you think the Iraqis would still be free, months or years after? Again, I wouldn't bet on it.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Iraqi Elections

I always assumed that our exit strategy in Iraq was success and victory.

We and the Iraqi people are well on our way there with these elections taking place right now. Confused on anything happening in the Iraqi elections? Go here

I will elaborate on this "Success and Victory" idea tomarrow or monday.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


In school, we who author blog, have finals today and tomarrow, so we will be light on posting.

Look for posts this weekend.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

History 101, Looking at Ronald Reagan

Maybe when confronting terrorism, we should look to history to guide us to victory. One way to approach this is focusing on which president of modern time had the most effective and successful Foreign Policy. There's no doubt in my mind that this would be Ronald Reagan and his administration.

Ronald Reagan was the one that established, in recent times, the notion around the world that we would not crumble under pressure. His optimism about America and his strength when dealing with other nations was key. He took the offense against the Soviet Union. Everyone told him that being so forceful would lead to nuclear war with them. But he knew that if we looked like appeasers, we would eventually be forced to become appeasers. Look what happened, he destroyed Jimmy Carter in the election (an appeaser), and he destroyed the Soviet Union (who wanted appeasment from us). Backing down from the Soviet Union would have been disasterous for the people living there, and for the rest of the world. He told them to "Tear down that wall," and they did.

People told him that the Stratigic Defense Initiative would do more harm than good, but he saw that it was necessary to the well-being of the world, so he continued with it. Because of his policies of Peace Through Strength, we won the Cold War. All of this in the name of Freedom and Liberty.

Sound familiar? Hmmmm, kind of like what the Bush administration is doing now. We are taking a GREAT offense against the terrorists, and because of this, we haven't had a terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9-11. We have thrown al Qaeda into disarray, and we took a murderous dictator out of power.

For years the Clinton Administration left terrorist attacks unchecked, and our reputation for defending freedom and ourselves was in the toilet.

George W. Bush made us a force to be reckoned with once again.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Yet Again...

Teddy Kennedy says something stupid. Today he said that Iraq is a failure and a continuing quagmire. Failure and quagmire as in they are having elections for the first time in five days? I can't believe he is still saying this stuff. It was even shown today that the groups that considered boycotting the election are planning to vote.

I would definately say Iraq is a failure; I would even go further to add that the Bush administration just went to war because they all have a sick, sexual, love of war. NOT!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Follow Up Post

I just remembered something that I wanted to say in the Pascal's Wager post but I had, at the time, forgotten. It is on the topic of where one would get his/her morals.

If you have no religion or are an Atheist, where would your set of values com from? From your heart? I think not, you can't just follow what you feel, that leads to things like the murdering of millions of babies and more atrocious things.

Even if you believed in an inncorrect religion, you would still probably have a good set of values (excepting satanism and the like); and even if you don't like the supernatural beliefs of a religion, you should at least understand that it leads to more moral people. In some studies, it has even been shown that the crime rate of religious people is far less than that of the non-religion, proportionatly.

Now if you still don't believe or agree with what I have just said, then think about this. Generally, human beings like to be comforted, and like to be shown the path; we like to think we know what is going on around us, and religion helps us with this. Overall, I'm glad the general population has something to believe in, something to be sure of. If we didn't have this, we would be a much different society.

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Atheist Turned Religious

Here's a great story of an atheist turned religious.

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Pascal's Wager

In part of Pascal's Wager, Blaise Pascal says, basically , that it would be better to believe in God and have there be no God, than not believing in God and have there be God. Sounds perfectly logical to me.

I can understand having a strong faith in God, but how can you have that strong of faith in no god. Simple logic would lead you to understand and believe Pascal's Wager.

Those of you who firmly believe against God are welcome and invited to comment on why you have such a strong conviction for no God. It's hard to understand that from my perspective, so I would appreciate some other points of view.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

500 Tons of Uranium

I stumbled across this article while researching something else, but this is by far more important. It is once again a failure on the part of the media for downplaying this story; according to the story, we've found 500 tons of uranium at a nuclear weapons development plant in al Tuwaitha.

180 tons of this uranium had begun the process of enriching, and to give you a perspective on how much this is: "The U.S. Energy Department considered that stockpile so dangerous that it mounted an unprecedented airlift operation four months ago to remove the enriched uranium stash from al Tuwaitha."

And to give you a perspective of how much 500 tons of uranium is, it's enough to build 142 nuclear weapons. Saddam was re-organizing his scientists, and bringing new ones in, he was running experiments again (this is all after the first Gulf War), some experiments were the same as the ones before the Gulf War.

If you don't call this an imminent threat, the only thing that would be a threat, would be a missile on it's way to the U.S. capital.

If you have any document that disproves this, I would like to see it. I looked many places to check the validity and I couldn't find anything against it; I don't think the media could over-look something this big.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The land of the Free?

If there's one thing I extremely dislike (I'm sorry that's a euphemism, i mean HATE), it has to be Emo Punk as well as other kinds of punk music. Let me reiterate that, I love punk music, I am a conservative punk, if you will. However, emo punk in particular, makes it cool to hate America. You can see from the website I posted just how rediculous some of these people can be.

Green Day (which used to be good) has a new song, American idiot. It seems like all these bands do is bitch (to use the politically correct term) about how 'evil' America is, or how 'evil' and unjust the American legal system is, or the big corporations, or pretty much ANYTHING.

There are so many things that annoy me about this, first of all, for an unexplained reason, they all turn liberal. Apparently only the people on the Right side of America are corrupt, i guess. In addition, you get the feel by listening to this music that somehow America is being more corrupt and self serving than all the other 200 some countries that inhabit this planet to serve themselves. That is the nature of human beings! That is why capitalism is the best purpose, and why it has flourished on this great world of ours, because humans are inherently self serving. This is not to say that all humans are these selfish pigs whom wish to dominate the world for themselves, rather that the humankind, taken as a whole, is generally self serving.

Punk never suggests an alternative either. To me, it's uneducated people making uneducated claims. Normally I wouldn't care, but because I listen to this music myself, I have many punk friends, and because millions of Americans listen to this music, I like to try to set the record straight. None of the countries in the EU were trying to stop America from attacking Iraq because they believed it was morally wrong (despite that's what they were claiming), instead they were advocating that because they would benefit themselves by stopping us. That is the major reason I think Bush was noble in not listening to the UN.

Again, countries are not incapable of noble acts. Countries and humans alike can commit acts of pure thought and deed (although not completely pure). I just don't think America is committing any worse 'atrocities' than any other nation, and in addition I fail to see how Bush is as hated as a President as he is. Bush has done nothing except for failing to listen to Europe's opinion and instead acting for themselves but while doing so saving an unbelievable amount of Iraqi's lives. On an earlier post I get into an argument about why we're not going to Darfur and instead Iraq, and the answer is because Iraq was a more popular country to act and was in America's interests while being consistent with helping the people there from a murdering, oppressive dictator who enjoyed torturing people. If you don't believe me, watch the History Channel special on Saddam's torture techniques.

Punk takes all this, throws it to the ground, and complains viciously how evil a country we are. How we're all gonna die, how Bush is somehow evil (no one can explain that), or how some right winger is involved in a conspiracy to make money. They never mention the evil acts of other countries, and that makes their points lose perspective, and when things lose perspective, they lose any and all truth that was hidden within them.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ten Commandments

It sure tells you a lot about liberals when you see how repulsed they are when they see the ten commandments. They are a set of moral guidlines that make you a better person if you follow them. Muslims basically believe in the ten commandments certainly Jews do too. If a Hindu, Buddist, or someone of most other religions looked at them, I don't think any of them would say "That's completely bogus,"(or something along those lines); even an Atheist or someone with a small amount of common sense could see that they aren't a bad thing. Can anyone out there honestly tell me that the ten commandments are completely wrong and shouldn't be displayed in a public place? And if you can, then take into account that when they are displayed, they seem to be symbolic of doing the right thing and living a good life, so the first commandment, I would say, doesn't really hurt anybody in that case.

Here's a link to the ten commandments if you don't know what they are, in this secular society we live in, I'm sure that if you don't belong to a church, you may never have seen the ten commandments.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You'd Think Professors Would Be Smart

But these outspoken extreme professors are crazy. It seems like every other week we have a professor publicly slandering (or liabling) America, or supporting the terrorists instead of the country that he lives in.

Shahid Alam is one such professor. I quote him talking about the 9-11 hijackers as saying: "They died so that their people might live, free and in dignity." WHAT! Free? Like the freedom that Islamofascist governments provides? Dignity, like the suppression of their women? I don't know what is going on in these Universities, but whatever it is, it seems a lot like propaganda to me.

He also says that the hijackers were similar to the American colonists, but common sense tells me that I don't have to explain why I think that statement is out of line.

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Liberals and Conservatives

Ever wonder how the liberal vs. conservative thing got started, well here it is. :-)

Thanks again to Papa Ray for pointing this out.

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Monday, January 17, 2005


If you want a good laugh or a major headache, go here. The site is FOXblocker, for those liberals who can't accept that FOX news is actually fair and balanced and the most popular news station in the country. Their hate mail section is really quite pathetic, the person who runs this site really needs to learn how to debate, not just call people names. The person ansering the e-mails had a very tough time rebuking the arguements, so it seems he decided to just call people stupid and other names. I urge you to e-mail this site and tell them what you think, but be careful, they will give out any information on their site that they can find out about you.

I don't care if you dislike FOX news, but why anyone would buy or sell a FOXblocker is beyond me, if you think FOX news is to close to the center for your left wing views, then just don't watch it. Isn't the left the people who say republicans want to suppress free speech, but it looks like they are the ones really doing it. [hat tip: LGF]

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We Need Help

Over at MSNBC, they go above and beyond when they say, "U.S. found no evidence WMD moved from Iraq". Not only do they title the article that, but then in the first paragraph, they report:

"Top Bush administration officials speculated publicly that the banned armaments may have been smuggled out of the country before the war started."

Then they go on to say:

"Officials say they have not seen any information — never “a piece,” said one — indicating that WMD or significant amounts of components and equipment were transferred from Iraq to neighboring Syria, Jordan or elsewhere."

The only problem with saying that is that there were satillite pictures submitted to the U.N. (that failed organization) that showed large trucks transporting something into Syria. But for some reason the U.N. didn't accept them. (And how come the media didn't jump all over those pictures, like they did on the Abu Graib videos?). Even a man who lived on the border of Iraq and Syria said that in the days before the war, many large vehicles rumbled by, heading toward Syria.

And then there is this. I guess there was really no evidence, not a piece.

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Logical Proof Bush Didn't Knowingly Lie

Alright, this isn't actual proof, but rather, like most proof, it is simply using logic to show that only one answer is possible. So, let me tell you a story to explain it best. We have president Bush leading our country in his war on terror and we just made the world drop their jaw in our almost perfect attack on Afghanistan that lasted only 6 weeks while the Russians took some 10 years and didn't even finish. Your approval rating is in the 80-90% column and you have the potential to do so much. Osama wasn't caught, but you feel that the rest of the time spent their will be rebuilding and the majority of our attacks have ended or will end soon. What do you do next?

Do any of you honestly think Bush chose the option: "Invade Iraq on false pretenses because you can make the Americans think what they want and then say 'oh, that's what I thought." As opposed to: "Invade Iraq because Saddam very likely has WMD, supports terrorism, and has been killing millions of innocent people in Iraq and Iran for the past 40 years, not to mention is likely to continue to be aggressive and kill MORE people?"

One of these options will make you more popular, and one of them less, can you guess which one is which? I'll give you a hint, despite choosing the latter option, it didn't make much of a difference because a lot of Americans thought that he chose the former. But would Bush, or for that matter the Republican party, risk losing an unlosable election so that they could attack Iraq?

Despite stretching the truth on nuclear weapons and the chances of having one soon (very little), the Bush Administration believed that Iraq had WMD otherwise it would have cost them too much Political Capital and they would not have done it because it would have made him immensly unpopular should no Weapons of Mass Destruction turn up (which it did).

There were many documents cited showing how our intelligence believed he still had them, Bush did not know that Saddam had ridden himself of them, and instead thought he was lying (as Saddam had many, many times ago in the past). Therefore, stop calling Bush a liar on the Weapons of Mass Destruction, he would not have knowingly destroyed his chances of reelection in such a manner.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Teddy Kennedy Said What?

I was just listening to a re-run of the Laura Ingraham Show, on the radio, and they were talking about Teddy Kennedy. They played a clip of the "Sr. Balloon" answering a question about Barrack Obama and he called Obama:

"Osama bin Lad-, Osama Obama-, I mean Obama."

Hmmmm, imagine if a republican had said that.

Here's some more crazy things he said on increasing spending.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Krazy Kerry Kronies

You know those yellow rubber Lance Armstrong bracelets, well, now there are blue rubber bracelets that show that the person wearing them voted against Bush.

" "It's kind of like saying, 'This is my tribe,'" said Adams, 43, a Kerry supporter, who was inspired by her 14-year-old stepson's yellow Lance Armstrong band."

But I guess one comforting thing about this is that the woman who started this has a father who is politically opposite and he countered with making red bracelets, for those who voted to re-elect the President.

I bet that creates interesting family dynamics. [Hat Tip: Wizbang]

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More Anti-Bush Inauguration

An article from AP is accusing Bush for spending too much on his inauguration, even though it is completely from private donations. People have been saying that we could use that kind of money for more useful things, but you can't change what you are doing with the money now; the money was donated for the inauguration. I agree that there are far more worthy causes out there, but we are dealing with them too. You can't tell a private organization you will use your money for one thing and then turn around and use it for another. People seem to for get simple stuff like this when dealing with the Bush Administration.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

"New Environmentalism"

I think it is very ironic when the left criticizes Republicans of creating fear to sway how people think, considering they do just that when talking about environmental issues. I hear that SUV's will be the human races' demise. That is ridiculous. SUV's causing global warming, no way. In the prehistoric times, when there were palm trees growing in Antarctica, I'm sure you saw many dinosaurs driving their big SUV's around, polluting the air. The bottom line is the earth goes through phases, it gets incredibly hot, then it gets extremely cold, and it also goes to the middle; that's where we are now. Maybe some things humans do speed up global warming, but there's no proof, and the fix wouldn't be to just stop using fossil fuels and recycle. Plus, to advance past the point of polluting with fossil fuels, we will need to use the technology that fossil fuels offer, otherwise, we will be stuck in the stone age.

Here's an interesting article on Michael Crichton and new environmentalism

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Apparently Bush is exactly like Hitler

So I was checking out some of our comments, and then I see this.

"If you are fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way, why do you support a lying, criminal crook like little bushitler?Compare the true republican agenda with the true Democratic agenda...You will see where your little dream is wrong.Have you all talked to the recruiter yet? You should show your support by enlisting and volunteering to become pawns in the meat-grinder little georgie-poo has started. I am sure he would be more than happy to make sausage out of you before you wise up and figure it out.Before you get turned into mince-meat be sure to thank the liberal teachers you have for the reading, writing and arithmetic skills you have today. Thank a liberal for the 40-hour work week and the weekend. And be sure to thank a liberal for your parent's healthcare benefits that they have at work. if they don't have them...thank a republican.Good luck in the wars...I really hope you make it home safe and sound with all your faculties." - ProgressivePatriot

Wow, that's a whole lot of allegations. Apparently Republicans don't tell their true agenda and Bush is a crook who wishes to be more like Hitler. This post makes me so unbelievably upset because of it's random rantings and lack of actual argumentation I just need to dissect it. Let me stress that if you post please make it sensical, or if it's nonsensical support it with evidence.

"If you are fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way, why do you support a lying, criminal crook like little bushitler?"
a) Bush didn't knowingly lie (I can prove it, but that's another post). b) He isn't a criminal (nothing he has done has ever been criminal.) c) Comparing him to Hitler gets you knowhere, Bush was elected, he didn't kill millions of people, he didn't attack everyone (just two DICTATOR nations), and more, so quit your "Bush is hitler", or I'll start with my "Clinton was Hitler" (he attacked more countries than Bush).

"Compare the true republican agenda with the true Democratic will see where your little dream is wrong." - Doesn't say anything, both the Democratic and Republican 'true' agenda's are equally corrupt and distorted.

"Have you all talked to the recruiter yet? You should show your support by enlisting and volunteering to become pawns in the meat-grinder little georgie-poo has started. I am sure he would be more than happy to make sausage out of you before you wise up and figure it out."
- First of all I am rather annoyed that he is insulting the men and women who fight to defend our way of life. Also, I believe joining the Army to be one of the noblest things an American can do, they are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others'. 2 of the members of this post are thinking about joining the army so that you have the freedom to call them 'going through the meat grinder', so I'd especially appreciate you didn't insult the army or move to another country.

"Before you get turned into mince-meat be sure to thank the liberal teachers you have for the reading, writing and arithmetic skills you have today. Thank a liberal for the 40-hour work week and the weekend. And be sure to thank a liberal for your parent's healthcare benefits that they have at work. if they don't have them...thank a republican." - Comparing liberals 80 years ago with liberals now is not good policy, they constantly change their policy. Besides, it does not matter what liberals of the past have done, I only care about what recently Liberals are doing on divided issues. As for the Healthcare benefits, why should I think a Liberal. If anything Liberals are strangling business so that they will be unable to provide the Healthcare that they CHOOSE to provide, not that they are forced to provide by some silly Liberal law. And the weekend, that was not Liberals at all, that was started because of the Christian religion and the Jewish religion (Saturday and Sunday) had Commandments against working on the Sabbath. Finally, on the 40 hour work week, ok, you got me, some people 80 years ago in the 20s who were called Liberals because back then they were trying to change something entirely different from today. In general though, I hate arguing "Liberal vs. Conservative" kind of stuff, simply because I don't believe Conservatives are 100% correct or Liberals are 100% correct, I think it depends entirely on the issue. I hate statements like "Liberals are stupid" or something like that, although I admit I occasionally (not often) make them.

"Good luck in the wars...I really hope you make it home safe and sound with all your faculties." - You can see my posts on Iraq if you want to know why it is a good thing that is saving Iraqi lives.

This was a rather long post but I get annoyed when stupid people (Liberals and Conservatives) say stuff like "Bush is Hitler" or "Bush is just a cowboy" or "Liberals are stupid" or something like that, I really wish people actually knew why they were saying things. I have heard no arguments about why Bush is either a morally bad person, is like Hitler, or is a bad president other than being unable to speak properly occasionally (Ok, all the time!).

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bush Is Sorry For Language?

The President said that he regretted using blunt phrases like "Bring 'em on", and "Dead or alive", but I don't think he should be. When talking about/to terrorists, I think you should let them know who is in charge, let them know you mean business. That is one of the pros to the Iraq war, it let other countries know that America is serious. Qadhafi heard our message and said that libya would stop it's quest for WMD's.

On the other hand, though, maybe the reason he said he'll try to not say things like that in his second term is because he thinks that he doesn't have to. America has shown that it means business, the message is already out there. Whatever the case, I think that America needed another "cowboy."

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Less Than Perfect Iraqi Vote

I think this vote of the Iraqi's is a great thing, and I hope that no one (other than terrorists) disagree with me. But why all the complaining? Didn't the liberals complain when we appointed a Prime Minister to Iraq, and now they complain that the Iraqi's get a vote that isn't perfect. It's better than none, by their own argument. I suppose I should be used to the hypocrisy coming from the left by now, but it never ceases to amaze me. The simplest things seem to just slip by them. I guess they are above that common sense thing, NOT!

The sooner we get the Iraqis' in power, the sooner we can remove our military, and isn't that also something the left wants? Plus, there will be three more votes this year.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A True Case of Discrimination

As some of my closer friends know, I am a member of a minority that is one of the most oppressed groups in the world. It's true, I am left handed. Every day I go to the school that's supposed to be unbiased and sit in desks made for righthanded people. I cut with scissors and I use pencil holders that only work for the "majority." I smear the ink when I'm writing an assignment.

This is but a mere shadow of the true horrors millions of Americans must face for being what they are. People question me and ask me if I'm "a lefty", sometimes calling me a weirdo. They tell me I can't play the base I want in baseball, 3rd. I must shake hands with my right hand because I've been conditioned to do so by society, instead of using the hand that's right for me.

When I buy notebooks I must go to a special store that has left handed ones, and if I use right handed notebooks it causes pains in my hand. The mouse I click, the shifter in the car, the trombone I play, the 'right' hand over your heart or on the bible, the design of golf courses, even the way silverware is set at a table, are all different forms of discrimination. Currently, with all of the other groups pursuing their own agenda, there's no arguments for lefthanders. No political movements, no protests, no letters to congressmen.

If any of you have any heart at all you will stand outside every place you can and continue arguing for 1/10 of the population to have equal rights. The schools are the worst and are the best place to start, the left handers will not stop until we have secured the right to use our own hand in everything we do, the left hand.

I know that everyone reading this will be persistant, and will never stop protesting. Even when the majority of this beloved democracy disagrees with us, we will not stop. Even when other members of our very group think we are doing wrong, we will not stop. We will give massive amounts of campaign contributions, and use our small voice to sway the entire nation to a law favorable to us by contributing to our politician. This is the way of making our voice heard, by making our voices weigh more than that of the other 280 million Americans. This is our way of making what we believe to be right get done in a society that doesn't want it to be done. We are the special interest group.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Reporting Bais?

You can't tell me that Yahoo's political news page isn't left leaning. There are tons of titles that are misleading; negatively toward the President. Here are some of the titles:

Bush's Budget Expected to Be Aggressive
(Ooooh, aggresive)
White House Expects Imperfect Iraq Vote
(Wow, in years past we've had around 50% of americans vote, imperfect?)
Ridge Spent Time With Lobbyist
(Really? No politians ever talk to lobbyists)
Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration
Protesters Get Prime Spot for Inauguration
(It's all about the protesters)
Kennedy Accuses Bush of Hyping Problems
(I think Teddy Kennedy should be accused of being a fat, drunk killer)
Bush's Democratic Vision at Stake in Iraq Election
(Why, because 50% of Iraqis may have the chance to vote?)
Nominee Criticized Over Post-9/11 Policies
(Aren't polititians normally criticized?)
Age gap may be trouble for Bush
(Everything seems to be trouble for Bush, but no one else)

Those were all on one page at the time I viewed it (but I think it updates frequently, so it may not be the same when you visit it to see the blatant bais).

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The Oil-for-Food scandal, the biggest scandal in history, is completely underreported. The audits are out.

"the audits show that senior U.N. officials were repeatedly warned that the $60 billion dollar program was riddled with management-and-control procedural shortcomings, violations of U.N. procedures, monetary losses and other 'serious irregularities.'"

Yet nothing was done about it? This is a failed organization, not just for this, but many other things to.

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Monday, January 10, 2005


When President Bush invaded Iraq citing that they have WMD capabilities, every piece of domestic and foreign intelligence at the time, backed up this claim. Why then, now, do anti-Bush people say that President Bush lied to the American public, and misled the American public. I often hear or see the line "When Clinton lied, no one died," or "Bush lied, children died." I don't understand it; he didn't lie, he didn't mislead, and he didn't pressure the intelligence people to say what he wanted to hear. Even if he did, which I doubt, he couldn't have pressured every other country's intelligence. Indeed, the French also thought there were WMD's.

If you are a liberal, can you please comment and defend your position on this; I really don't understand your reasoning. I know most of you liberals don't agree with this war for other reasons too, but I beg you to comment on why you support this line of thinking. The other reasons are for another post, at another time. In fact, we have two past posts that address some of the other issues (The first one is here, the second is here).

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'Florida Rolf'

Rolf John is a German citizen who claimed that living in Germany made him depressed, so he moved to Florida. Apperently Germany has welfare coverage for people who are 'depressed' and the German government gave Mr. John $2,2oo a month; that encompassed $875 for his Miami Beach House!

Recently, the government of Germany decided to remove his benefits and he was forced to move back to germany. The government is finally considering revamping it's welfare laws; they should have done this years ago considering unemployment rates are through the roof.

Inadvertently, Rolf John may have helped Germany finally reform it's welfare laws, which was much needed.

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DNC Chief

Tim Roemer has decided that he will run for the DNC Chief. If he were to get elected, it would be a smart move for the Democatic Party; he's pro-life. It may hurt the Republicans if he does get the spot.

"I think we should not only be more inclusive on this issue, especially in the Midwest and the South if a candidate has those views, we should have them in our party."

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Iraqi Voting Poll

A few posts ago, I asked anyone if they could tell me where this poll was and it was found at Iraq the Model, here it is:

1-The poll was of 4974 Iraqis living in and around Baghdad.
2-Will the security problems cause you to?
Not come out and vote the day of elections = 18.3%
Come out and vote the day of elections = 78.3%
No opinion = 3.4%
3-Do you support military action against the terrorists?Yes = 87.7 %No = 11.1%
Don’t Know = 1.2%

He then stated:

"If these were the results that appeared after taking samples from in and around Baghdad which is considered to be the most dangerous area in the country (and inhabited by lots of Sunni Iraqis by the way!), then what would the results look like if the samples were taken from Basra or Erbil??"


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Gun Control

Why do liberals think so strongly that if you make it illegal to have a gun, there will be less violent crimes? It's ridiculous, that would just mean that all of the good law abiding citizens would not have a gun for protection. The people who commit crimes are still going to be able to get guns. Once we have nothing to protect us with, we will just have to give the burgler, rapeist, or murder what he wants, and that would be retarded.

In Camden, New Jersey, a robber walked into a store and held one of the shop owners at knife point saying "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you." It turns out that he had just raped three other women in the town. When the other owner, her husband, came out of the bathroom, he had a gun and told the robber to take anything he wanted, but leave his wife. Of course he wanted the wife, and after following the robber into another room, he shot the robber in the head, and his wife was safe.

This story really gives a testament to the useful protection, and crime enforcement, that letting citizens have guns can have. How can someone argue that we should take away guns from everybody. If this man didn't have a gun, his wife most likely would have ended up raped and killed.

There are many other arguments and situations for gun control, this is only one. I thought that these two facts are very interesting ones: Every 13 seconds an American firearm owner uses a firearm in defense against a criminal. 4915832 Criminal attacks stopped by the use of a firearm since January 1, 2004.

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Comments Are What Make Blogs

A frequent commenter on our site wrote this in response to some complaining reservist. The following excerpt is perfect for explaining the war on terror.

"This is the start of a war for the survival of our country. For the survival of everything we hold dear and have fought for, died for and suffered through. You think Iraq is the end, its just the start. There are millions of people in this world determined to kill all of us and destroy everything we have and stand for.
Get real, and get with the program. Continue the mission and complete it."

Papa Ray's is the seventh comment from the top.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005


I'm sorry that last week I was a little lax on posting. It was the first week back at school after Christmas Break, and I was still getting used to the homework thing. That's why all of my posts were after 10. The last two days I've been out of town for sports and there was no internet to post with.

Next week, I have resolved to wake up bright and early before school to post. I'll post again tomarrow on an actual subject.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Terrorists are Scared

The terrorists in Iraq are getting more and more desperate with the thought of the election almost here. Today, seven U.S. soldiers were killed due to a roadside bomb. The people of Iraq are itching to vote says a poll I saw yesterday (I wish I could remember where it was, but I can't, if any of you can find this poll, please post a comment saying where it is), more than half of the Iraqis plan to vote no matter what, even with all the violence.

With each passing day the election gets closer, and with that, the terrorist are going to step up their attacks. This is a very sad truth, but there is not too much we can do right now. We can keep training Iraqi soldiers and police, and eventually, we will kill or capture all of these terrorists. We just need to keep pushing along.

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Deserting Marine Disappears

The marine, Wassef Ali Hassoun, has been charged with desertion, he was due back from his leave on Tuesday, but he never showed up. His family claims that they don't know where he is.

"I was captured and held against my will by anti-coalition forces for 19 days. This was a very difficult and challenging time for me."

Then why have you suddenly disappeared when you have to stand trial? Coincidence, I think not.

I hope they find him and give him what he deserves.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bidding Contest

Read it all on CNN folks, they've got the latest news.
I'm kind of sick how this tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka and the far east is being turned into a bidding contest by countries. But before I continue I wish to make my views perfectly clear.

I believe that this money is a good thing and is definetly needed for the people who were hit with the tidal wave. I think that as long as money's getting there, it's a good thing.

What I am sick of, however, is how the media and other countries are making it look like the US is not being generous by donating $350 million. Furthermore, I'm tired of how political this has gotten by the CNN journal trying to say how evil the US is because they've only donated $350 and they should've given more like good 'ole Norway. I'm sorry but I can't stand trivializing an event like this by showing off how much money we can throw their way, there is a cap on how much the funds will help and i don't think they need every single country to be donating $3 billion.
This journalist especially does exactly what I am talking about by giving how much each nation is giving per capita, or how "generous" each nation is based on what they "should" give. Naturally in her figure she omits private donations, because for some reason US corporations giving hundreds of millions of dollars shouldn't count. This further skews the data by trying to make the United States, and probably more importantly (for them), George Bush, to look like greedy people who only wish to help ourselves.
The complaints against George Bush are really getting ridiculous. If CNN and the UN needs to turn this into a bidding contest to find the most generous nation then they have reached a new low, and no longer would these countries be giving to help the people, they'd only be giving to suck up to the UN and make themselves look good. So please, remember that these people are suffering rather than just throwing money at the problem.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

'Under God' Attacked Yet Again

A man in San Fransico is sueing for having the pledge having 'Under God' in it, for his second time! These lawsuits are ridiculous. Stuff like this is making freedom of religion into freedom of no religion.

"He did not want his young daughter exposed to the words 'under God'"

What, is he that afraid she might start to believe in it? There are many arguments people use to defend taking out 'Under God', but this is the worst. I don't want her exposed to it? That's bogus.

Everything the U.S. is founded on is based on Judeo-Christian values. This doesn't mean that you have to be Jewish or Christian, or anything, to appreciate and agree with the values that have brought our law to this great nation.

That is a very simple and widely used argument; I'm not afraid to use it because it is the absolute truth and Judeo-Christian values are the roots of modern law.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Blogs are the New Media"

Wow, check this out. Bloggers are soon going to be let into the 2005 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as members of the press. This is really a testament to how much blogs have changed the face of media. You can go to that link above and fill out a form to possibly get selected to go.

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Nukes in Egypt

Now it seems as if everyone is trying to get nuclear capabilities. The IAEA has now accused Egypt of trying to get nuclear weapons. "International Atomic Energy Agency also was looking at evidence suggesting some work was performed as recently as a year ago."

Although, to me, the claims seem a tad bit shaky. Some diplomat that talked about specifics requested to remain anonymous. Those of you who have read my blog for a while may know anonymity really peeves me; the credentials are shot when they remain secret. But since the IAEA backs them up, it add some credibility to this claim. We'll have to pay close attention to this story, whether we want to or not.

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Monday, January 03, 2005


Will the government ever do anything about treason? Well, Code Pink is an anti-american organization that is giving aid to the Terrorist in Fallujah! Not only are they doing this but they are open about it and they brag about it. This is from Free Republic:

""I don't know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine ... for the families of the 'other side'," said Medea Benjamin"

This is the leader of this organization. What an idiot. I try to stray away from calling people idiots on my blog, but he really is! Is he aware that we are in a war? Someone please inform him of this.

We need to do something about groups like this

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Silly Law Suits

I think unneeded law suits are one of the biggest problems in America currently. Thank God that many states are seeing the light that the only things people can blaim for their obesity is themselves! If people make the choice to eat the restaurants food, that's there fault, not the restaurants.

This is from an article from CNN
"At least two more states approved measures to protect the restaurants and fast-food chains that serve up fattening food from being sued. Illinois and Missouri joined at least 10 other states to outlaw such litigation. Their message: People make people fat, not restaurants."

Eventually I hope that all 50 will have similar legislation, and furthermore I'm hoping for a lawsuit reform that takes away the silly lawsuits that are plaguing America.

Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Free Market Economy

Today at my church, the priest was giving a homily, and he started to talk about the Tsunami. This particular priest has a tendancy to streach real far to push a subliminal liberal agenda; once he said that word, tsunami, I knew I was going to be in for a bumpy ride.

He made a comment somewhere along the lines of individual contributions embarassing our (American) government's contributions for helping victims of the tsunami. For one thing, our government has given more than any other government (monetary, food and people). Second, we have a free market economy, so that means private donations are supposed to overshadow government donations. America gives so much more because it allows people to feel free to give money of their own, privately, because the government isn't taking a ton and deciding how much you should give.

Thus far I haven't posted on the tsunami issue only because every single blog is and it is on TV 24/7. It is a big issue, and you can't have people playing down what we do for the world, like so many people nowdays.

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Iraqi Boy

A comment on one of the past posts directed me to this story. Read It.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Incredible News From Iraq

I thought this was too important to not spread around!

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Hmmm? Voter Fraud?

It turns out that I could be right when I said a few posts back that all of those votes turning up in Washington to help the democrat win, sounded kind of fishy. On Sound Politics, Stefan Sharkansky explains that in King County, the county that really help Gregoire win, there were 895,660 people recorded voting but 899,199 votes counted. Now it's starting to sound extremely fishy.

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