Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Weekend Blog

For the time being, I'm going to convert this into a once a week blog. I will post on the weekend sometime. This blog is not working the way I would like, but I still want to express my views on current issues.

Until further notice...

Fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I'll have a post up this weekend about the new Pope.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lack of Research

In the comments of one of the previous posts, I found a great example of how much effort liberals put into their research. This is what anonymous said:

"Still fighting for the *cough* capitalistic *cough* way? Generally if one wishes to be taken seriously one should try to avoid spelling and grammar errors. Especially when you are trying to sound intelligent. It is so typically Republican to ignore mistakes and deny that they were ever committed, denouncing reason and refusing to listen to anything that does not coincide with the beliefs that you've already established."

And this was, I assume, the same person, but this was his first comment on this:

"Whatever your beliefs, however erroneous, I would hope that you're fighting for truth, justice and the *cough* capitalist *cough* way. Heh heh heh. Nothing destroys your credibility like mis-spellings. Go illiteracy! Encouraged by yours truly GW, and the No Child Left Behind legislation."

Usually, when you attack someone for something they said, you might want have your facts straight. This was my response to his second comment:

"Do you really have so little to say that you attack a single word? And guess what, capitalistic IS A WORD! Just go here to find out:

But in case you are to lazy to type that in, here is the definition:

cap·i·tal·is·tic adj.
1. Of or relating to capitalism or capitalists.

2. Favoring or practicing capitalism: a capitalistic country.

Are you also too scared to leave an identity? I'm guessing that it was you who commented on this once before as anonymous, but I thought it wasn't deserving of a reply, so I didn't give one. This time I gave a reply and made you look like the idiot you are.

The amount effort you put into your researching reminds me of how much effort, or lack thereof, liberals put into their research."

This kind of thing happens to me all the time when debating the, in some cases loony, liberals at my school. I'm talking to them and I have them cornered. To wiggle out of the situation, they just make up some fact or circumstance. Out of the trust I have for them, trust that I have no reason to have, I accept what they say. Big mistake! Those days I go home and do some research on the topic of debate. Normally I can't find any statement remotely close to what they said. When I do find something close to what they said, the fact is spun to meet their agenda.

But in this case, I have a blog. You can't just say false statements and expect them to stand. I can fact check you in front of anyone who cares. When you are in any type of
media, you have to watch what you say, but liberals never seem to learn.

Fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Teachers! (said with exaperation)

Teaching is another career dominated by liberals. It is extremely noticeable in the classes of: history, social studies, art, and sometimes music. But would you ever think health? I didn't until earlier this week.

Here we are in our cancer unit, and one day at the beginning of the hour, the dastardly deed occurs. He puts a video tape in the VCR and says that it has nothing to do with the unit we're in, but no further explanation is given. He presses play, and a clip from one of the late night shows comes on. It is showing George W. Bush giving a speech, and there is a kid standing behind and to the side of him. There is a big arrow indicating that we are supposed to watch him. He starts yawning, looking bored, looking at his watch, and other such disrespectful acts. This clip goes on a minute or two, and when it is done, my teacher doesn't say anything more except that he thought it was funny and that he thought we should see it.

He was obviously showing this to rip on the, twice, elected President, in a place where he had no such reason to. It's months after the election and they are still campaigning for Kerry. I don't understand liberals, I truly don't.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way.

The Religion of Peace

LGF has an enormously disturbing post up. Sick.

Fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fighting Fire With Fire

The democrats are now backing Rob "Meat-head" Reiner to run for California governor's office in 2006. They say:

"To survive in that new world, these Democrats say, the party must adjust." Says the website, Arnold Watch.

This is an effective technique, but personally, I don't think he can beat the governator.

Yes, I realize that this is semi-old news, but my family just happens to be watching "All in the Family," at the moment and it reminded me that Meat-head may run for governor. In addition to "All In The Family," I also love his movie "This is Spinal Tap" with a passion. It is one of the most funny movies of all time. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend that you do. I am in NO WAY supporting him politically, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he directed "This is Spinal Tap."

Fighting for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way

Diplomacy With Iran

Even though starting out with diplomacy is the right course of action, you have to be ready with a back-up plan. When you are talking with people who are determined to attain nuclear power, they may not want to submit to your terms. That doesn't mean that you should slacken up your terms.

"As part of Bush's second-term effort to repair ties with European allies, the White House agreed last month to support arms control negotiations that three European countries have begun with Iran. Those talks have not moved quickly, and Sharon argued that European negotiators may be softening their stance."

That is exactly why collaborating with our allies doesn't always turn out the tea party liberals try to convey it to be.

The U.S. needs to be ready with their "Plan-B." What that is, I don't know, but I may comment on what I think that plan should be over the weekend.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way


Over at Media Lies, AntiMedia gave us a warm welcome back.

"It's a joy to have you back. To have learned such a valuable lesson at such a young age is priceless. It took me years to understand that my job was only to plant the seed, and I could never influence the outcome. Yet success comes from some of the most unlikely places, and many times, just when you have lost hope and think it's not worth the effort, the most amazing story inspires you to renew your strength and mount up like eagles and soar."

It's great to see someone is paying attention.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why I'm Back Blogging

To tell you the truth, I was completely politically burnt out.

But over spring break, during a long car ride, I read "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)" by Ann Coulter. That got me motivated to revive this blog, but I took no action. Tonight, I ran across an article on Ann Coulter's web page and it inspired me to start blogging again.

Read this excerpt from the article, it'll be worth your while:

"In short order, Smith was reading aloud to Nichols from the Christian book "The Purpose Driven Life" — in direct violation of his constitutional right to never hear any reference to God, in public or private, for any purpose, ever, ever, ever! For more on this right, go to the "People for the American Way" Web site.

After reading the first paragraph of Chapter 33 aloud, about serving God by serving others, Nichols — the man pundits were calling an "animal" — asked her to read it again.

Nichols listened to the passage again and responded by telling Smith he was already dead, saying, "Look at my eyes." But Smith looked and told him God had a purpose for him, perhaps to minister to other lost souls in prison. Smith read to Nichols some more, both from the "Purpose" book and from another popular book that's been dropped from all news accounts of this incident: the New Testament. (In the Hollywood version, Smith will be reading from the Quran.)

Smith knew all about Nichols' violent depredations from TV. Yet she saw him not as a monster, but as one of God's creatures. Most Christians — most people — have trouble seeing the humanity of people who take our parking spots. Smith could see God's hand in a multiple murderer holding her hostage. By showing him genuine Christian love, Smith turned Nichols from a beast to a brother in Christ. This phenomenon, utterly unknown to liberals, is what's known as a "miracle." Top that, Paul Krugman!"

In the end, he is so moved that he surrendered peacefully to the police. That is what inspired me to start posting again. I realized words can have an affect on someone, and I hope in this new birth of A Youth's View From The Right, I can affect some of you.

Fighting (and writing) for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way

We're Back

It's sure been a long time, but we're back up and running; we're posting again.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the capitalistic way

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